Is Your Grill At Risk for Theft?

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As outdoor living has become a larger and larger part of everyday life, grills have become more than just a simple metal box. They have become sophisticated cooking appliances that are able to do many different cooking functions at one time. Modern grills feature multiple adjustable burners, thermometers, specially designed cooking surfaces and stainless-steel exteriors. Some grills also feature electronic communication capabilities to transfer grill conditions right to your phone

Stolen Grills 

Though modern grills have become a technological wonder, they have also become more expensive. As grills have become more and more valuable, they have also increasingly become the target of thieves. The common practice of storing grills outside also make them a tempting target for thieves. As grills generally do not have a serial number, or only have a serial number printed on a sticker that can be readily removed, stolen grills are easy to resell online or at flea markets or swap meets. Stolen grills can also be harvested for replacement parts that are virtually impossible to track. 

Physical Barriers 

To prevent the theft of a propane or charcoal grill there are a number of things that homeowners can do. If possible, the grill should be stored in a lighted area. It may be possible to remove the grill's wheels to make it more difficult to move. Grills can also be attached to patios, decks, trees and other immovable objects via a bicycle cable lock. A length of chain and a padlock can also be used, but cable locks are a better choice as they are designed for outdoor use and typically have a rubberized coating to prevent damage to the grill. The rubberized coating also makes cable locks less noisy to use than a standard metal chain. 

Security Systems 

Modern security systems are more effective and much less costly than they were in years past. According to, ADT wireless security cameras are easy to use and can provide constant monitoring of a grill and other valuable that are stored outside. These cameras serve both to alert homeowners to potential illegal activity as well as help police locate perpetrators. The presence of cameras also helps to repel criminals who are looking for easy targets. 

Grills play an important role serving as both a tool to prepare food and a focal point for family gatherings and other social events. Taking some simple steps to prevent a grill from becoming stolen can help homeowners to obtain some peace of mind while also protecting their belongings from thieves.

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