Family Movie Night

With the advent of theatrical releases going straight to streaming, there’s been no better time to gather the family and have movie night. Aside from dedicated family time, what makes it special is the setup. The first thing to do is find a movie everyone can agree on, but the next step is just as important: snacks. Typically, some combo of popcorn, candy, and cookies. Then, settle in, park it on the couch or in a comfortable chair, wrap up in cozy blanket, and watch the show.  

If you're looking to make your family movie night into a running tradition, it's important to settle on a few essentials that will make it easy, except for maybe deciding what to watch. Luckily, we've got you covered in the popcorn department with the Catamount by Prepara Popcorn Popper Gift Set.

The Catamount Corn Popper makes delicious fresh popcorn in the microwave in 3-5 mins, just add your favorite kernels. The butter melting lid allows you to melt fresh butter as the popcorn is popping and the 4 individual popcorn holders lets everyone season to taste. Have fun with flavors by adding  salt, cinnamon, chile flakes, garlic powder or your own favorite topping. It's got everything you need for a successful movie night*

*Just add movie


Catamount by Prepara Popcorn Popper


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