Sweet and Savory Pancake Tacos


Craving a bit of sweet and savory in the morning? If you’re anything like me then you’ll want options. Pancakes are the perfect canvas for breakfast since they can be made into a sweet or savory meal. Simply place the pancakes on the Prepara Multi Taco Holder and start adding your favorite fillings and toppings, like stuffing a taco. You can’t go wrong whether feeding children or adults, and if you’re a little daring, try mixing the sweet and savory fillings together. Have fun with it!

Sweet Pancake Fillings

  1. Thoroughly wash and cut fruit such as berries in the Prepara Berry Bowl and set aside.
  2. Heat up favorite brand of pancakes or make from scratch.
  3. Assemble pancakes using the Prepara Multi Taco Holders. Add fruit and top with maple syrup or Honey using the Prepara Honey Dipper, whip cream, granola and more.

Savory Pancake Fillings

  1. Heat up your favorite brand of pancakes or make from scratch.
  2. Heat up breakfast sausage, bacon or beyond meat options as per packaging.
  3. Scramble 1-2 eggs with a touch of milk, salt and pepper until cooked through.
  4. Assemble pancake using the Prepara Multi Taco Holders. Add scrambled eggs, meat, grated cheese using the Prepara Cactus Cheese Grater), slice and add avocado slices using the Prepara Avocado Cool Tool) and everything bagel seasoning to top it off. You can add aioli, ketchup or hot sauce for an added touch.


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