Avocado Flip Masher
Avocado Flip Masher
Avocado Flip Masher
Avocado Flip Masher
Avocado Flip Masher

Avocado Flip Masher

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Holy Guacamole! Our avocado flip masher is a three-in-one tool. One side you’ll encounter the built-in flat blade, used to cut open the avocado and for simply removing the pit. The semi spoon shaped masher head is carefully designed to enable scooping out of the ripe flesh. Then the fun can begin-since the mashing head is designed to create the perfect guacamole texture. When you’re done, just dishwasher it and fold the patented head flat for the perfect storage solution.

 Key Features:

- Removes avocado pit in one swift motion.

- Head designed to scoop avocado flesh.

- Slotted stainless-steel head efficiently mashes avocados.

- Simply squeeze sides of masher to fold flat for storage in your drawer

- Ergonomic handle provides a secure grip with great leverage.

- Perfectly sized for mashing avocados, fruits and vegetables for baby foods and purees,

great for making hummus and so much more!

- Easy to clean, dishwasher safe

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