• Roasting Laurel
  • Roasting Laurel
  • Roasting Laurel
  • Roasting Laurel
  • Roasting Laurel


Roasting Laurel

$ 19.99



This heat resistant silicone roasting aid keeps your bird or roast up and out of the unhealthy fats and nasty burned bits in the bottom of your roasting pan. It helps your roast to brown more evenly around the sides and eliminates sticking.




Key Features:

- Heat resistant silicone up to 500° F/260° C

- Bendable shape allows you to mold Laurel to fit your needs

- Keep your food out of the greasy fat at the bottom of the pan

- Easy to clean

- Dishwasher safe

- Non-scratch




Product: 2" D x 24.3" W x 1.1" H, 0.6 lbs

Product in packaging: 1.4" D x 9" W x 10.2" H, 0.72 lbs

Materials: Silicone with flexible stainless steel wire inside

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