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Thanksgiving Prep

By Andy Brown

By Katie Workman

Thanksgiving is just around the bend, and this year it is definitely going to look different.  But it also feels like this year we need it more than ever – even if it’s smaller, socially distanced, and involves Zoom.

And while Thanksgiving might be all of the above things, it’s still a holiday where preparation is key.  Leaving everything until the last minute may mean that certain groceries will be hard to find, and none of us need more disappointment in our lives.  So, let’s get ourselves together, make it easier on ourselves and make this a Thanksgiving to remember – in a good way!

One week before:

  1. Make those lists! : You can’t write things down in too much detail – it ensures you won’t forget things, and makes you feel must more in control. Plan your menu, make shopping lists, a list of who is coming, if you are having guests, and who is bringing what.
  1. Create a timeline leading up all the way until you are ready to sit down at the table. Figure out when you are going to get things done (e.g., two days before: make mashed potatoes, one day before: make the vinaigrette, etc.). Write down all of the little things, like what time you want to put the butternut squash in the oven, and a reminder to find the gravy boat.
  1. Figure out the turkey timing: Whether you are making a whole bird or a breast, calculate how long the turkey will take in the oven, and remember that it will might take up the whole oven for that length of time. Plan your other cooking and baking accordingly.
  1. Buy all non-perishables as far ahead of time as you can. This will make the week-of shopping trip so much easier.  Stock up on drinks (boozy and nonalcoholic), canned and boxed items (broth, cranberries), baking staples (flour, sugar, baking powder, yeast), grains and rice. 

Instead of keeping your non-perishable staples in their original packaging, it’s easier to use the ingredients (plus your pantry looks so much prettier!) when you decant them into containers.  The Prepara Latchlok Containers are perfect for storing all kinds of foods, and their patented low-profile latch system means that the containers stack perfectly on top of one another, keep your panty organized, and maximizing storage space.  They are watertight and airtight so food stays fresh, with no leaking.

But they can also do more.  You can also microwave food in the containers, so if you wanted to make your mashed potatoes ahead of time, for instance, you can transfer the container right into the microwave for reheating.   Plus, the Latchlok Containers are made from tough, clear, stain proof material, so they stay new looking for ages.

  1. You can also buy sturdier produce like potatoes, onions, apples, squash, and carrots ahead of time.
  1. 6. Locate roasting pans, food processor blades, potato ricers, whatever equipment you’ll need. Wash whatever hasn’t been touched since last year.
  1. Remember: this year may look and feel different, but there is solace to be had in preparing a traditional meal for your family, even if the table isn’t as crowded as in other years!






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