While Prepara strives to make flawless products, we realize that no product can work perfectly 100% of the time. Below are some simple tricks that you may find useful. In the event that you try these suggestions and your product still isn't working as it should, contact our Customer Service Team on the West Coast at 866.967.2092 from 7 AM–7 PM PST.

Don't forget that all of our products come with a five year guarantee! 


My Oil Mister won't mist—it's spraying a stream instead of misting or sometimes nothing at all.

Give the suggestions below a try.

1. Remove the o-ring and put it back into place.

2. Make sure you're twisting the colored (or clear) cap on tightly. If air can escape, the unit will not hold pressure. 

3. We recommend pumping about 7 times. However, depending on the oil you're using, you may have to pump a couple times more or less. Experiment to find out what works best for you.

4. If your mister is spraying a stream instead of a mist, it could be clogged. To clean, fill the base with warm soapy water and soak for about 20 minutes. Rinse. Refill with warm water, pump and spray as though it was oil. Keep pumping and spraying until the mister begins to mist instead of stream.


Can I put my Roasting Laurel in the microwave, pressure cooker, or crock pot?

Slow Cookers / Crock Pots

- The Prepara Roasting Laurel is safe to use up to 500˚F, and most slow cookers operate at temperatures well below that limit. Inside a slow cooker or crock pot, the Roasting Laurel would provide the same great fat-draining function as it would in a roasting pan in an oven. However, certain slow cookers and crock pots have powerful heating elements capable of browning and searing meat when set on "high". Since we cannot ensure that your cooker doesn't get hotter than 500˚F, we can't recommend using the Prepara Roasting Laurel in a slow cooker/crock pot. 



- There is a bendable metal spine in the Laurel to make it stay in the desired position.

- We have tested the Roasting Laurel in our test kitchen's microwave for several minutes with no ill effects to the product or the microwave. However, conventional wisdom says not to place metallic items in a microwave. With this in mind, we have created the Silicone Roasting Rack, which is microwave safe!


Pressure Cookers

- The temperature of liquids in a pressure cooker can reach 250˚F, and the laurel is safe to 500˚F. However, the bottom surface of the pot can become quite hot if the cooker is placed on very hot burner or if the pot were to go dry (which you're never to do anyways). In that case, the temperature of any pot or pan placed on a stovetop burner can exceed the safe operating temperature of the laurel. For this reason we cannot recommend to our customers that they use the laurel in a pressure cooker on a stovetop.