Meet the Founder

Prepara kitchen tools take the drudgery out of cooking. Unique function, quality materials, sleek lines and fresh colors result in innovative differentiation that adds more zest, more intelligence and more control to cooking for everyone at affordable prices. 


“Our markets are as diverse as the people that enjoy eating good food.”


Prepara has evolved into a fully integrated development, sales and marketing organization. Photography, model building, prototyping, “inventioneering,” copyrighting, product design, packaging are done in house at their studio in New York City. “We enjoy having full control over delivery of the experience to the customer,” Chapman said. “Our team is responsive, inquisitive and dynamic, offering multicultural tastes and multiethnic awareness to serve an increasingly diverse marketplace.”


“Preparing and cooking at home helps concentrate attention on food quality, portion size, taste and affordability. You would be surprised how better off you are when you cook at home.”