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A Retiree's Guide to Backyard BBQ

By Andy Brown

Retirement is a perfect time to throw yourself into new or forgotten hobbies and passions. BBQ and grilling is an ideal opportunity for retirees to learn new things and entertain family and friends without having to travel far from home, especially if you’ve never had the resources or the time to do so.

Have you ever stepped outside and smelled the smoky aroma of hamburgers cooking on the grill? Tantalizing smells like that can make you want to try your hand at barbecuing. It really is much easier than you would imagine. Gather your family or some friends and get the grill fired up - it's BBQ time!


Choose Your Grill

You’re probably going to need a grill, but did you know that there are different types of outdoor barbeque grills? Do you want a charcoal or gas grill? Charcoal grills give a distinct, smoky flavor, but it can be tricky to regulate the temperatures. Gas grills are easy to use, with convenient stove-like controls.

After you choose your grill, the rest is relatively simple. Gather your meats, utensils and a meat thermometer (to check that the meat is cooked correctly). Burgers and hot dogs are the easiest meats for first-time grillers.


Benefits of the BBQ

Why would you choose to cook on a grill? Well, summer is a wonderful time to be outside with friends and family. Cooking on the grill gets people outside for sunshine and fun while the smell of the meats entices even the pickiest eater. Gather in the backyard under a shade tree or on the patio by the pool and enjoy a meal together. The grill master can be part of the group instead of being stuck inside in the kitchen.

Another benefit of grilling is that the meat is usually better for you than foods that are deep fried. Vegetarians can enjoy grilled vegetables - hopefully, you’ve got a garden of sorts going for this, as organic veggies can be delicious if not there are plenty of other ways to get those vegetables in there.

Last of all, think about the refreshments. Outside in the hot summer sun can be the perfect time to have a drink. Get yourself a cookbook to create drink your friends and family will love.


Grilling Anywhere

If you don’t have a traditional home or are going somewhere, there are options as well! The variety of grills available today makes it easy for anyone to enjoy barbecuing. Tabletop grills are perfect for apartment decks. Larger gas grills can enhance an outdoor kitchen.

Portable charcoal grills are great for days on the beach or at the park. Most retirement communities, public parks, and even condos have at least one grill for people to use. RV parks usually have a grill on every site. This is one of the reasons why grilling is an ideal activity for retirees.

Tie on your apron and grab your tongs. It's time to crank up the music and rub some spices on those pork chops and chicken breasts. Get everyone involved in the prep work and the fun of barbecuing.





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