5 Reasons to Keep Your Appliances Up-To-Date

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Your old refrigerator is making that annoying noise again, or maybe your toilet won’t stop running. No matter how much you’d like to keep your old appliances, eventually you’ll need to upgrade. While it may seem like a significant investment upfront, keeping your machines up-to-date will not only save you money in the long-run but allow you to stop worrying about the next repair.

Here are five reasons to keep your appliances (and plumbing) up-to-date:

1. Water Conservation

New appliances save water. Current toilets, dishwashers and laundry machines use a fraction of the water older models do. Not only will this help save on your water bill, but in certain areas and states, there are often droughts. Help those in need by using just what is necessary! Conservation is key to sustainable living.

2. Energy Savings

Energy use from appliances is most likely the most substantial part of your electricity bill. Replacing that old TV, fridge or dishwasher with some current technology will reduce your electric bill significantly. Not only does it put money back in your pocket, but allow you to enjoy knowing you are using fewer fossil fuels. You’re helping the environment while experiencing new and exciting features!

If you can’t afford to purchase new appliances, then keeping them maintained is the next best thing. According to Mr. Appliance, regular maintenance increases longevity, efficiency and decreases utility expenses.

3. Avoid Repairs

Leaving old plumbing in place can be a disaster waiting to happen. Plumbers in Chico CA are often called to scenes of old pipes which break just because they’re old. Make sure your plumbing is up-to-date and avoid a catastrophe.

4. Enjoyment

Who wouldn’t love a refrigerator with a TV in it? Get the local news while you prepare dinner or blend up your morning smoothie. Sometimes replacing just one appliance can give a new appeal to an old room in the house. Treat yourself and change things up a little!

According to Fletcher’s Plumbing, “dishwashers have great potential to improve our lives: if they work properly. They can make the daily task of cleaning our tableware more convenient and efficient.”

Isn’t this part of the enjoyment process? To not be stuck at your kitchen sink doing dishes while everyone else is visiting or out enjoying the beautiful weather? It is why maintaining your appliances is crucial to that enjoyment.

5. Give Your Home More Appeal

If you intend on selling your home, try upgrading your appliances and/or plumbing first. One of the most critical areas in a house is the kitchen and bathroom, so make sure it’s in the 21st century before you list. You’ll attract a lot more attention, and most likely make your money back- plus some!

With these points in mind, consider replacing those old appliances. Sometimes it can be challenging to take the plunge on such a costly item, but when the savings and enjoyment are taken into account, the choice seems simple. Stay up-to-date, and get in touch with a home store or plumber in your area.

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