5 Things You Didn't Know About Aging and Storing Wine

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When you are trying to choose the perfect wine for the occasion, there are several things to take into consideration. Not only do you need to reflect on what wines pair best with what foods but also how long the wine was aged and how it is stored during the aging process.

Wine from around the world

The wine has been enjoyed for thousands of years and used in many customs. It has been made with an assortment of ingredients and stored in a variety of ways. In most countries, wine is made from the fermentation of rice, fruit, or honey and barrels are used to flavor wine and to make it easier to store and ship.

The art of pairing your wine

Many people believe the basic rules that red wine goes with red meat and white wine goes with white meat, but this isn’t always the case. While this is a good base idea and can definitely give you some tasty combinations for most things, you also need to take into account the sauces and spices that may be accompanying the meat to truly decide what exactly you want to pair with what. For example, if you cook lots of lighter, healthier foods (say with more green vegetables), you might want to lean more to white wines, and leave food that sits heavier in the stomach, such as pasta, for red wines.

Cheese with your wine

When it comes to wine and cheese, the suggestion is that a strong tasting cheese tends to go better with full-bodied red wine, a sweet dessert wine is a better match for blue cheese, and softer cheese would be very nice with white wine. There are many combinations to consider, and it would be best to choose your favorite type and brand of wine, and research specific cheese combinations for it.

The beauty of age

People age the wine for many reasons, some do as a way to relive a special occasion, some people find it to be especially alluring to drink a very old wine, and sometimes age just smooths out the taste. One of the best benefits of aging wine is that it brings out flavors and textures that otherwise would not have been experienced. For wine to age properly, it should be left in an area that is cool and dark for best results.

Storing your treasure

Storing your wine properly and securely is extremely important, as expensive wines should be kept in secure vaults to avoid theft from occurring. Many wine lovers have special wine vaults built into their homes and businesses that are kept locked and hidden away to minimize the threat of someone breaking in with the intention of stealing the wine.

Good wine is a wonderful thing to experience, especially when it has been properly aged and stored with the time taken to pair it properly with each meal. But remember, wine is always best consumed when all the rules are ignored, and you drink it when and with what you choose.


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