5 Ways to Recruit Foodie Friends for Your Wedding

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So you are getting married and have to plan the big day. There is not much experience on your end, especially when it comes to food. How are you going to go about getting the right menu together or just other details in general? Well, chances are you have at least one friend who is a highly trained food critic or foodie. By enlisting their skills, they can help plan the best menu possible. That means they can help you cut costs on what to get. Because of their experience, you will be able to plan a memorable wedding.

Help Out With Catering Options

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Let’s face it. With any major get together, food is always the number one priority. Feasting is what we do to celebrate any occasion including weddings. Having that foodie help you decide on what caters would work best is a must. Their job would be to see what everyone would want to eat and how much food is enough to feed everybody. This task is not to be taken lightly. If it’s summertime, your foodie would probably choose light finger dishes or quick meals that are not so heavy. This means they could probably find caters that could meet that need. Even if your wedding is in an air-conditioned building, your guests may not want to eat so heavy during hot weather. Foodies are also most likely to know how to choose the best wedding caterers. Let them help out with catering options that will make your wedding a hit with the guests.

Helping With The Bachelorette Party

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If your foodie is a female, letting them plan the food for the bachelorette party is perfect. They can come up with a quick wine list and different dishes that will surely please the women in attendance. This is where they can show you that they can really do a good job with helping you in everything else that you might need at your wedding. Let them take the reigns and surprise you. When everybody compliments the bachelorette party and raves about the feast, you will know that you have chosen the right foodie.

Letting Foodies Match The Food With Certain Themes

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Ok so you are having an enchanted wedding. You have it pattern after a certain favorite princess. Your foodie will gladly match up any food that correlates with the theming to make your wedding magical. This where they can be very creative. Just imagine showing up at the reception that has matching magical dishes and silverware with food that is brilliantly prepared to mAke the event so special. Your foodie can do this and more for you if that is what you are looking for. Remember they are part of your wedding too and want to see you enjoy what they work so hard to put together. So it would not hurt to let them know what your theme is about. Let them run with it.

Have Them To Do The Cooking

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If you are wanting to take a cheaper route instead of using catering services, let your foodie do the cooking. They are master chefs in the kitchen. You are looking at food that will be seasoned right and tender meats falling off the bone. Just let them handle it. You can buy all of the food that you want cooked or buy what they suggest. Remember, a foodie is an expert in the arena of what food is good for certain occasions and what's not good for any occasion. Trust that your guests will be served on time, the food will be hot, and very enjoyable. Plus, with it being home cooked, they will go home from your wedding full and satisfied. Isn't that what you want? Well, only a foodie who understands the joy of having home cooked meals can pull this off.

Picking Out Products For The Gift Registry

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If you don’t think a foodie could help pick out items for your gift registry, think again. They are very picky people. Because they are foodies, their specialty is picking what you need in your kitchen. You will need a toaster, microwave, dishes, silverware, glasses, mugs, kitchen towels, placemats, table centerpiece, pots and pans, along with cookware. They can set up the store, the type of cookware you would like, and the accessories to match your kitchen theme. After all, there is nothing like a kitchen that has everything coordinated from the colors to the kitchenware.

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